Contact Lenses

Lady Wearing Contact Lenses Casey OptometristContact lenses are a convenient alternative to optical glasses. Contact lens technology has improved greatly in the past few years and they are now more comfortable and provide better oxygen permeability than ever. For some prescriptions, you may find that vision is clearer with contact lenses than with your glasses. If you are thinking of wearing contact lenses, it is important to discuss the various options with your optometrist as we will help you choose the right kind for you. If you have not worn contact lenses before, book in for a contact lens consultation and contact lens tuition so we can optimise your script and teach you how to look after and insert your lenses correctly.

Contact lenses are great for sports, special occasions or for those who don’t feel comfortable in prescription glasses. We will help you choose the right contact lens type for your lifestyle and your prescription.

Disposable lenses come in a variety of designs, the main types being daily disposables, fortnightly or monthly wear lenses. Daily lenses are worn once and then discarded and are ideal for sports or occasional wear. Extended wear lenses are worn for periods up to 30 days, requiring daily cleaning.

Contact lenses are also available in Multifocal designs for those requiring both distance vision correction and reading correction.

It is important to always follow your optometrist’s advice when caring for and wearing your contact lenses. At Pakenham Optical, we will always recommend and advise you on the most appropriate care for your lenses and your eye health.

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